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WhatsApp Video Calling Scam – Don’t Fall Victim



WhatsApp is known for the quick and easy spread of fake news and scam messages. Well, following the announcement of the launch of the WhatsApp video call feature, some people decided to acquire cheap popularity due to the fact that it is not yet supported in most smartphones. I gave a full tutorial on how you can use the video call even of it is not yet available for your smartphone (Read Here).

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The strategy behind the scam is simple. They trick you to visit their website through a BC claiming to activate WhatsApp video call on your smartphone and then they urge you share their website to 5 groups claiming it will make your activation complete. See a screenshot of the BC below:


The website contains a fake progress bar that loads all kinds of fake stuff just to confuse you. See Below:


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This new WhatsApp feature is totally free so please don’t share this scam message any further. WhatsApp video call will soon be available to all phones so please be patient or check this post to learn how to begin using the WhatsApp call feature immediately.