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A Woman’s Complicated Emotions


It’s time to confess. You’ve accused us (women) for far too long of being “difficult ” and each time you spit out that particular word it’s as if something snaps in our brain that automatically flares us up. Well, the truth is that even if you (men) become so defensive when we put it to you that you are cheating and you erupt a hurricane-like anger to bury all evidences just so we’ll think you’re innocent, guess what? we know you’re not but just so as to avoid “wahala” we let lying dogs continue lieing…..

You see, the truth is we do the same thing too, we get aggressive when you call us “difficult” not because you’re wrong but because we know it’s the truth and just as the saying goes “the truth is bitter”.

Sometimes we say we’re cool with something and ask you to go ahead and do it, but when you eventually do it we get angry and ask you why you did it. Confusing right?

Funny enough, we don’t even know why we act is way, but in my attempt to uncover the root ’cause of our indecisiveness’, as some of us like to call it, I recalled that sometime ago we made a deal with a friend called “Mr emotion” to handle all our responses to situations, little did we know that Mr emotion was a crazy multifaceted betrayer who instead of helping us keep our actions on a parallel line locks us up in a maze. When we struggle to get through a route we’re sure will lead us out it rather takes us to an entirely different route. I don’t know if I should fault our creator for giving us such complicating friendship or maybe it’s just the laxity on our part for not knowing how to control him. What I do know is, we have a common problem called “Uncontrolled emotion” and we need help.


If you have ideas on how we can uncomplicate our lives, please drop it in the comment box. Thanks.