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Why do we need to Communicate?

Let’s talk more…just like this.

The necessity of communication in relationships hasn’t been emphasized enough.

Communication lets the other person know how you feel, it informs, and most importantly is a prerequisite for a healthy relationship.

Communication, a Latin word ‘commūnicāre’, meaning “to share” is the act of conveying intended meaning  from one  or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rule (Google assisted definition).

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Since we weren’t created with telepathic skills it’s kinda hard to know what goes on in the mind of another, other times you need to be certain if that person you like likes you back and communication avails you that opportunity, it helps solve a lot of built up problems, releases the tenses, in fact there’s nothing a ‘good talk’ can’t solve.

Now that we’ve got the definition of communication checked, I’ll like to talk more about its advantages especially in relationships, that is if that relationship isn’t just a try out. A lot of people these days carry hidden grudges that weigh them down emotionally and psychologically because they refuse to express their hurt.

I read a post on Facebook recently that said; “bearing grudges is like drinking poison and expecting the person that hurt you to die”. Have you ever wondered why a psychologist’s basic antidote(tool) is ‘talking’? or why you pay so much money to have someone sit behind a desk and asks you all sort of questions and proffer advice that’ll just light up your whole mood? That is to say communication is very vital. What you hear and say exerts control over your mood.

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Self expression is hitter-to to happiness, trust me if you keep hoarding everything in, one day you might just explode and obliterate everything/one around you….So talk as much as you need to, say it whoo ha!!! As you feel it and whatever the reaction will be is not on you as long as you expressed yourself but please don’t forget to be polite about it, you know how sharp our words are, ready to cut through steel so choose your words right in expressing a hurt….follow the following tips and you’ll do just fine

1. Someone just annoyed you, your flaming up, don’t say anything.

2. Take a very deep breath and relax, move away from that person if you can.

3. Say a little pray, or do whatever it is you do that calms you.

4. Process everything that happened to know where you hit it wrong, think it through thoroughly.

5. Speak to your confidant about it, to have an unbiased opinion about the matter.

6. Then Go back to the opponent, apologise if you feel you’re wrong, but if you aren’t Kindly let the other person know how you feel and if you get an apology ‘great’ if you don’t take it in good faith and be content as long as you spoke your mind.

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I really hope this few pointers will help you savour your relationship. Never forget that words are like broken eggs, cannot be sealed up when broken, it creates a dirty spill all over if not contained in a container.