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4 Ways you Disrespect your Spouse

Credit: CoachJackito
Credit: CoachJackito

“Tis a season to be jolly” I hear people quote, but Hey, don’t let this so called “jolly” clad your reasoning or make you tolerate people you perceive to be the source of your happiness. Don’t condescend to any form of attitude put up by anyone with the hope for a change ’cause the fact is there ain’t gonna be no change, no one without the power of God at work just changes overnight.

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There is a descending list of things I’m highly particular about, this one tops it all “Respect”.

It’s disheartening to know people in a relationship thinks respect is a fly-speck (trivial) matter, when in fact it isn’t

Respect is a heavy weighted word when dropped in a stirred water creates a deepened hole that subsequently calms the water (in this this case the water is your temper). Giving respect goes a long way to keep your relationship strong, it doesn’t necessarily have to be you tilting over your head to worship that person, instead the little things you omit daily is actually what counts. I’ll give you an example of those things you consider infinitesimal but could be hurting the other person and if you’re guilty of any make efforts to put a halt to it:

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1. Your spouse wants a conversation with you, she draws your attention by calling you, you hear her and ignore her probably expecting him/her to call you over and over again, my friend that is disrespect.

2. Something comes up that needs deciding over and you go ahead to decide on it without seeking the other’s opinion.

3. Down talking on her, this is particular with the men.

4. Yelling at her in public, also particular with guys.

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Little drops makes an ocean, continue like this and it’ll invariably grow into something uncontrollable, every human no matter how small seeks respect. The reason why a child at some point does things a child shouldn’t do is because he already thinks himself grown and want to act like one, others tattoo a grin on their faces when you call them “big boy/girl” as my nephew (a four year old) does. Now if a child that little values respect how much more an adult. I’ll leave you with this quote ” Do unto others what you want them to do unto you”, so when the urge comes to disrespect your partner, ask yourself “would I like to be treated this way?” if your answer is “No” I plead you to reconsider. Remember that words are like broken eggs, they cannot be taken back when let out.