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a love story
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I think everyone has their own love story written out for them. We all know the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming and how they found love despite all the odds. When I say love story, I mean how you met “the one” and all that went into making it work out for good.

Love stories are expected to be fun and exciting all the way, well they may not always be like that. They may not even start out as love stories,they can start as a normal and sometimes very annoying or upsetting experiences, sometimes totally unexpected or unplanned and then some day you wake up and realize, bam!!! you’re there already, or you’re on your way. Cinderella went to the ball, not because she liked the Prince, but because she was bored and it won’t be such a bad idea to wear her Mother’s dress and attend the fancy ball…and maybe catch a glimpse of the infamous Prince Charming. But then just one dance with the Prince started their own love story? No! it did not begin there, it began when invitations for the ball was sent out to every maiden. Oh how she must have looked back in retrospect and smiled or even laughed at what was and may have been.

We cannot always tell at the beginning what we don’t even know has been set in motion. If only there was a way of knowing the end from the beginning,uh! fancy that eh! It would save us all the heartache and the stubbornness (for some of us guilty ones) we always put up.My mom always has the this wistful look in her eyes when she shares her own story, God help you you say a word or even breathe during it. It’s like she cannot believe even after almost 25 years they ended up together.

So I’m sitting at the edge of my bed, a little impatient, wondering if mine is about to begin, or maybe it has begun already, or if I’ll ever have one (not everyone gets lucky)…who knows with these things anyway, ┬áBut if does happen,I promise to put my ALL into it.

Do you have a love story? We’d be glad to hear about it.

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