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Dont Give Up, Dont Give in

Credit: ThyBlackMan
Credit: ThyBlackMan

I’m a lover of God and I’m proud of it. I’ve not had to defend my faith so badly, I mean what could compare to what the disciples had to put up with?

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So I’m really angry today and I’m not happy at all. Remember how I said previously that when you Love someone you go for it and make things easy for everyone? Well now I have something else to add to that, for those who took my last advice.

You like her,you’ve told her, she likes you too…but it all ends there cause nothing more can be done about it for a billion and one reasons we are not going to go into today and then what do you do? you go ahead to become a first class two timer! yeah that’s right, you heard me! Tsk tsk tsk tsk that’s just sad, cause you’re even worse than the first guy who did not come clean at all. You come out clean and then flee as soon as you realise she’s got standards, principles and goals. This drives me to ask; Was it even real? Obviously not! You see us girls (Christian girls) do not need people like you, we shouldn’t for any reason lower our standards. As we were told to do in 1st Thessalonians 5:23, anyone who thinks the best way of showing you love is by “unholy intimacy” should be avoided like a plague, cause honey as soon as the dust settles, they’re off!

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Now let’s get serious, some sister’s think there’s nothing wrong with making out…well, let’s see what I’m certain about, we were told to flee all appearance of evil, ┬áso if it looks like it’ll probably, maybe, eventually, unintentionally end in someplace nasty, I suggest you flee! It’s easy, but difficult.

So many Bible philosophers have analysed that intimacy between a man and a woman goes beyond the physical and transcends into the spiritual. For every man you get intimate with (whatever form it takes) a bit of you remains with him and him with you, ewwww!!! Now let’s do the math, a girl of 20 has slept with 8 men and had other forms of intimacy with 12 others, at the end of the day, she’s spiritually joined with 20 men!YIKES!!! And we wonder why we have problems.

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Bottom line is we are all allowed to love and be loved, as long as it does not get in the way of your relationship with HIM. Someday, the time will be right, we’ll be ready and there’ll be no repercussions, but till then, do not bend. There’ll be pressure but do not bend. Dont give up and Dont give in!

Lots of LOVE.