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#NeighbourbyFEFE Hashtag Now Trending on Twitter



As the days go by, am beginning to feel that trendy twitter posts aren’t so trendy any more or maybe it’s just not difficult to trend on twitter no more. I’m sure all of us can recall the Episode 77 of the Markangelcomedy series where the promising Nigerian act FEFE was featured. I can remember her saying at the end of that skit that it wasn’t her official video. Well, yes it wasn’t and few weeks after she released the official video, it’s now trending on twitter.

You can watch the skit below:

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I personally enjoyed the video because of its comic relief ability. It’s far from being an overly serious video. Both the viral video skit and the official video will get you smiling. You can watch the FEFE official music video below:

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Here is a screenshot from twitter:


It’s a cool song with a cooler video..yes, I agree. It seems these days hype is all that’s needed in the Nigerian music industry. All your album or song needs is enough social media mentions to make it trend or make people want to listen to the track or watch the video. I wish FEFE the best anyway and I hope she makes it to the Headies Next Rated Nomination List for 2017. You can drop your viewpoints in the comment box below.