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About Us

Slika is a creative writer’s blog. It is a platform where you can create & Publish original and rich articles on any topic of your choice. Its free too.


  1. Rich and Original articles. We offer prolific articles and write-ups meant to entertain, educate, enlighten, sensitize and help you go through life hassles. Our articles although rich in content are written in very simple English meant for all audiences including those with little education. Our articles are original. If our authors feel the need to source content from other websites which they deem useful to share to our readers then appropriate credit is being awarded.
  2. Varying opinions & ideas. There is never a single idea behind an article topic. Our authors strive to represent solely their opinions on topics they write about. This strategy is being implemented to ensure that our readers can compare and contrast then decide based on their discretion which of the opinions to implement. This feature enables more than one author to write on a single topic.
  3. Author Exposure. We create an avenue for authors to communicate and exchange ideas. It exposes them to different methods of presenting their concepts. Our authors learn from each other.


The Slika Nigeria team is made up five(5) major groups of people:

  1. The Authors (Article writing, Replying & moderating user comments)
  2. The Support Team (Handling all mails from the “contact us” form)
  3. The Advert Team (Providing advert rates and handling negotiations)
  4. The Editor Team (Reviewing articles before publication)
  5. The Column Operators (Regular column check-up & maintenance, article publishing)

Got any questions to ask? Or Want to be a part of the team? Feel free to contact us.