Eddy’s Day Off (A Fast Moving and Compelling Short Story Book by Whill)

Are you often overworked and at the brink of a burnout at your job or school? Then Eddy’s Day Off is a must read for you.

In this fast moving and compelling short story, Whill, author of the romance novella Conversations in a Café, and a good number of ingenuously crafted pieces of poetry on various blogs and literary magazines across the web approaches the subject from the perspective of a passionate young journalist intern whose only wish is to be retained after internship.

He got to a point that he couldn’t help but apply for a day off. Luck fell on him and it was granted. But that is just where the story begins.

Read about Eddy’s struggle with his passion for journalism at the brink of a burnout in this adventurous short story illustrated by the incredibly talented Nnamdi Udoka.

Passion, Ambition, Burnout,

Eddy’s Day Off is a Slika exclusive.

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Praise Lopez

What a fine and dandy intern!


Very nice story. Will there be a sequel to this?


that’s right i love this one.. https://hitnaija.com


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Eddy’s Day Off (A Fast Moving and Compelling Short Story Book by Whill)